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How Are Neon Signs Made? 🛠

Each of our products is perfectly handmade and quality assessed before they are shipped to you. We thought we would share our manufacturing process with you to show you exactly how they are made.

  1. We send the Acrylic File for your sign to our C&C Machine. This is how the Acrylic backing is made.
  2. We then run it back through for the path of your design to be etched into the acrylic.
  3. We then take the appropriate roll(s) of Flex LED Neon and begin crafting your sign to perfection.
  4. Each individual strip of Flex LED Neon is mounted and soldered into place.
  5. A few hours later your sign is ready and it goes into Quality Assessment.

Quality Assessment is where we check the functionality and easthetics of your sign to ensure there are no defects that have occurred during the manufacturing process.

Updated on January 6, 2022

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