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How Does My Remote Work? 🕹

We have 3 remotes that we use for our signs. Depending on the size of your sign determines what remote you will have. Please see the below instructions for each remote.

Remote Style 1

This is the most common remote that we like to use with our signs. This remote is generally used for the lower-powered sign. This remote allows you to turn the sign on/off, adjust the brightness and set the 30s off timer.

Remote Style 2

Sometimes we need to have multiple power cables into your sign. In this case we use this remote. This is because the dimmer that is compatible with this remote can control several units at the same time. It is a simple remote to use and offers 4 customizable brightness presets.

Note: To set up your brightness presets click the “Z” button to navigate to the appropriate slot (there are 4 LED indicators on the remote to show which slot you are on) Then once you are on a setting you can select your brightness setting using the Brightness Nudge or Brightness Wheel and then press the “SET” button. This will save the brightness to the slot you selected.

Remote Style 3

We also have this style of remote that fills the gap between the two above in regards to the power the dimmer can take. This remote allows you to turn the sign on/off, adjust the brightness and select between a flashing & pulsing mode.

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Updated on January 6, 2022

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