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Our Backing Styles 😊

Every one of our signs comes mounted on transparent Acrylic. This makes it really easy to mount or hang the sign in your chosen location and ensures a strong and reliable installation.

We offer three different Backing Styles and have outlined them below.

Cut To Shape

Cut To Shape is our most popular option. We cut the Acrylic Backing to follow the shape of your sign. The style of this option is very aesthetic while offering the most stability.

If you need to move or transport your sign cut to shape is a good solid option.

We manufactured our logo as a Neon Sign with the Cut To Shape Backing Option so you can get a better idea of how your sign will look. Please see the below images and illustration to help you visualise and understand this option.

Whole Board

Our Whole Board option is mounted to a square or rectangle piece of acrylic. We recommend choosing this option if your design is square/rectangular as the final product will look a lot cleaner.

We manufactured another Neon Sign of our logo with the Whole Board backing option. Please see the images and illustrations to help you visualise and understand this option.

Hollow Out

This Hollow Out option is perfect if you are mounting your sign on a Green Wall or in the back of a film set. The Acrylic is cut directly to the thickness of the Flex LED Neon Tubing meaning it is (as the name suggests) hollow. Please see the below image and illustration to help you visualize and understand this option.

Updated on October 28, 2021

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